Saturday, September 29, 2012

Class Discussion

I really enjoyed hearing the opinions and views of my other classmates during Thursdays class discussion. I didn't realize that a lot of us would have the same opinions. In a way it was like getting to know everyone in the class. Hearing that some people agree that MTV needs to change their television style to actually playing music instead of all of the shows they play. That is the topic that I posted about and when I went to reply to a post I realized Claire also mentioned how MTV needed to play more music. It was interesting that someone shared my opinion, but if I walked into class couldn't tell you who it was. It just shows that different people share similar opinions. .

This discussion was my first one, when I was commenting on the posts I also realized that me and the classmates that also commented on the same post didn't really argue but if they disagreed had a little debate and came to a similar conclusion. I really enjoyed this class discussion.